First Group Coaching Session

Last night I moved up into ‘big school’ from the Couch to 5k group at Cleobury Mortimer running club. I had been on a couple of runs with the club since finishing the course but this was the first time I had been involved in a serious coaching session. Or at least serious to me. Anyone who has run for a long time, or started running in school where being taught  (or ‘coached’) is commonplace is unlikely to comprehend what a big deal it is for an older beginner to be in this position. Suddenly I felt like the new kid again.

Having said that, despite cementing my position at the back I really enjoyed doing the circuits we were set. Running round the same circular part of a new housing estate probably confused the bejesus out of the occupants, and certainly entertained the kids who were still outside. I was advised that what we were doing is called ‘sharpening’ and though we wouldn’t enjoy it the process would help with running better(and perhaps faster) in the future.

The flat circuits were fairly tough but OK but moving onto the hilly circuit after that was just cruel. In fairness we were concentrating on technique too by then – I didn’t know to lean forward a little coming downhill so I learned a new skill last night.

I was probably a bit feeble by sitting out the very last small loop before jogging home (who can turn down a well placed bench?) and I would have certainly joined in if I had realised that there was going to be cheating going on to reduce the loop!

My thighs and knees are a bit sore today but I’m putting that down to effort rather than age. Now I have had one coaching session in the group I am really looking forward to what I can learn on my tailored sessions. Bring it on  🙂


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