Week 4 – The Seaside week!

Yes you read right – I have spent this week by the sea. A wonderful week in Cornwall, more precisely Mousehole (which is pronounced ‘mowzel’ for anyone who didn’t know). Anyway, my last two days of last week which were rest days were spent travelling to Cornwall, and then a day just toss potting about watching the rain pouring down the windows and the sea changing colour. I actually really enjoyed that day but then I’m a bit odd like that.

On to training!

Monday: This was written as an easy 35 minutes. It seemed a bit mean to leave The Management on what was the first ‘proper’ day of our holidays so I set Garmin and we set off from Mousehole to Penzance to look round the lovely Penlee House Gallery which we visited last year and enjoyed. We stopped at the gallery after 50 minutes walking – enjoyed the exhibition (Seascapes since you ask!), had lunch, and then walked back. The Management was in favour of getting the bus back but I managed to tow him back. 4.92 miles in 1.39.30 isn’t impressive but at least we were out.

Tuesday: Rest. Come on – I’m on holiday!

Wednesday: 50 minute run. I decided that I would do this between Mousehole and Newlyn  along the coast path, and the lower path nearer to the sea. I was having a great time – it was a bit hot but not too uncomfortable – but my ‘back and forth’ route meant that as I got redder with effort I passed the same people several times. I wasn’t bothered but they seemed to find it amusing. In all honesty I was glad to get back to base after 50 minutes having covered 4.11 miles with an elevation gain of 75m – who else thought that running by the sea would be flat?

Thursday: Another rest day – spent walking around St Ives. Lovely. We had lunch watching a surf class and The Management has offered to buy me a surf course for my 60th birthday. Only a few years to wait – I’m not sure he knows I am taking that offer seriously!

Friday: Another rest day (hasn’t Andie been kind to me in a holiday week!) but we decided it was a great day for a circular walk. We visited Porthcurno last year and went to a production at the Minack theatre, and spent ages at the Telegraph Museum, but failed to do this walk. Setting off from Porthcurno we headed off using a printed map and instructions that The Management had found online. I set Garmin but it seemed to be struggling! At the end of the walk Garmin claimed 2.51 miles but the online instructions claimed 3.5!? Who knows.


Gorgeous walking – you can see our path but not how deep the dip was!

Despite the discrepancy I can honestly say I haven’t enjoyed a walk more in a long time – despite comments from The Management about the surface, the steepness, the …. fill in the gap as you want. Bearing in mind it was him that thought this was a good idea I thought he should just bottle it. We followed the walk with a lovely lunch at the Telegraph museum with a fox for company, well, not too far away.


Vernon the Vixen

Saturday: Rest. Up at stupid o’clock to travel before the hoards. Made it!

Sunday: Long run. 80 minutes at an easy pace. My easy pace has been increased with this batch of instructions but I was aiming for between 13 and 13.30 per mile. I knew I had to cover more ground this week and decided to attack my ‘bete noir’ in Bewdley – Red Hill. I hadn’t managed to run to the top of this hill without walking before so I was pretty darned happy to achieve that this morning. It added the necessary extra length to last weeks long run route and I managed pretty well, although I was starting to slow considerably on the last hills. I came in at 5.88 miles, only seconds short of the 80 minutes, and with an average speed of 13.28 minutes per mile. Success.

Just before getting home I stopped to help give location instructions to someone calling an ambulance for a guy I had recently passed riding his bike who had been knocked off by an overtaking car and caravan. Now, that road is a B road which dips and winds and really doesn’t give great opportunities for passing a bike – and this guy was travelling at a pretty good speed. There really wasn’t any point in my staying once the call had been made since I didn’t witness the collision. I will be much more sympathetic to any cyclists ‘hogging’ the centre of such a road to prevent overtaking in future. Thankfully when I left he was conscious and talking so I presume (and hope) no major injuries.


I haven’t looked at next weeks schedule in detail yet but I am truly starting to enjoy my training (at my speed) and look forward to seeing my progress week on week.

I hope your running is going well!



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