Week 11 – The week panic sets in

Oh dear. I had such a good week last week and I have got to the end of this week wondering if I am in my right mind. Probably not, but no change there.

So, the training:

Monday: A rest day. Actually a sulking day but we won’t go there.

Tuesday: CMRC training session tonight. Small time warming up with various exercises which will turn me into a spectacular runner on the field, then out to do battle with Cleoburys hills. And do battle we did. I mainly seemed to be doing battle with my underwear which seemed to be determined to give me ‘wedgies’ all the way round. I now understand why there are special runners pants and may invest.We covered 5.55 miles according to my Garmin – I couldn’t have hit that if I had tried! I was told the names of two of the particularly difficult hills but I couldn’t possibly say what they were here *blush*. Anyway, I managed to run (slowly) the whole way round, only failing at the very end and that really was brain rather than legs so I was happy. According to Strava 8.9 km in 1.09.23 giving a pace of 7.47 per km. Back home exceedingly hot and sweaty but happy.

Wednesday:  An official rest day.

Thursday: Easy 45 minutes with 15 minutes at HM pace (12.39). I reverted to one of my boring but well known routes which I knew was pretty much exactly the length I needed. I put off setting out and found the run pretty hard going. This is a flat route and I could only imagine that I was still recovering from Tuesdays effort. It sucks to be an older novice runner. Still, I ploughed on and managed the faster section needed, and covered 5.9 km in 45.09 (7.35 pace). Good guess on the time needed. Glad to be finished this run and looking forward to getting my grin on again.

Friday: Pilates. I’m starting to really enjoy this class, and it is a bit sad that this was the teachers last class before taking a break to have her baby. It’s only fair, she is starting to find joining in with a lot of this obviously difficult being 8 months pregnant! I’ll miss her but I’m sure the replacement will be fine. My flexibility is definitely improving but we wont talk balance if you don’t mind.

Saturday: Parkrun day and it was a running day. I planned this as the start of my LSR (long, slow run) so set off at an easy pace almost at the back of the field. I was enjoying the downhill section so probably went a little too fast down there, but steadied later into a nice settled easy pace. And I got a PB!?! What was I thinking? I had jogged gently all the way and came in at 37.30 which beat the last Wyre PB of 37.54 by quite a bit, and I really wasn’t aware of it. Anyway, I carried on after a drink and headed for home in the sunshine – getting hotter all the time. And no shade to be had. Anywhere. As I have said before I’m a northern lass better suited to wind and rain (see last weeks long run for evidence) and this was a real struggle. I got home feeling very hot and miserable after running circles in Bewdley to fill the 1.45 needed wondering how on earth I was ever going to get around the Ealing half. I had covered 12.8 km in 1.45.08 (Pace 8.09) which was my longest run to date.Thankfully after posting on Strava I got this from Coach Andie:

Well done Kim! It will be hard after a parkrun PB – you won’t be starting like that at Ealing remember!! And it was very hot. I found my run home hard work too. You’re doing great. Your commitment is faultless x

An email to my darling daughter got more encouragement  – or a kick up the ass depending on how you read it. If we run the course together it will probably have comedy value for anyone watching us bicker our way round.

Ealing is 7 weeks away. Jo Pavey didn’t peak 7 weeks ago. You’re doing great – just trust in the training plan and keep going 🙂

Time to pull on my (special running) big girl pants and just get on with it.

Sunday: Rest day. Spent cooking lots of wonderful stuff for an evening at home with friends. We need something to soak up the alcohol! I love cooking (and eating) so this was a strangely restful day despite the activity and I was able to filter all of yesterdays distress about my running ability (or lack of) through my brain while I turned out odd shaped samosas.

I was reading my blog reader feed later and came across this wonderful picture of Duffrunnings site. It really humbled me and made me feel I just have to be grateful for my ability to run at all, not comparing myself with other running club friends who are younger or started running well before me. Running is a gift. Pass it on.


All the inspiration you need



Total Distance run – 27.7km / 17.2 miles



6 thoughts on “Week 11 – The week panic sets in

  1. I’m not sure about special pants…my secret runderwear weapon is to buy M&S massive gran pants a couple of sizes too big. They cover everything and barely move. Also, love that pic, thanks for the reference! Bring on EHM!!


    • Pants do seem to be a common problem. I have been advised to ‘go commando’! I’m not sure that sounds any more comfortable.
      The PB was very unexpected 😀 and we all enjoyed our evening on Sunday – even if we did eat and drink too much.


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