Hello, only me – I’ve been running….

WordPress Monster: What? Humph?? Who’s that?

Old Bat: Only me. I thought I would do a post. It’s been a while I know….

WM: Oh – you. Where have you been? Have you done something then?

OB : Oh, I’ve been getting over surgery but I’m better now and I went to Edinburgh last weekend for the half marathon I had entered. I even ran it.  Sort of …….

WM: What possessed you to go that far … it’s hardly local is it?

OB: Lovely Lindsay was going up as part of her ‘Run five half marathons this year’ thing – and she told me it was flat so I assumed I was safe to try.


Pre start selfie – blue with cold.

WM: And was it? Was it a good run?

OB: Not flat exactly….. but not Cleobury hilly either. My start was in Regent Road, in a freezing cold wind tunnel with a great view of Arthurs Seat. It wasn’t cold for long though. By the time we had run a mile the sun had come out and it was starting to get very warm. No shade to speak of either…

WM: You don’t do well when it’s hot. Still the views must have been good.


Spotted The Management!

OB: Yes. We ran through Edinburgh a bit before hugging the coast to run to Musselburgh. I was very happy to see The Management at about mile 10. I was struggling a bit by then, it’s never good to have a socking great hole in your training but I think surgery was probably a good excuse. It might have been better to have had a picture of him at this point because he looked shocked/terrified as I deviated from the course to give him a sweaty hug. I think it did me good but I don’t think he would say the same  🙂

WM: Silly man – that’ll teach him. How were the last few miles if you were already struggling?

OB: Never ending. I walked a fair bit but knew I would have to run the last bit …. it doesn’t look good walking to the finish. I had passed a few people who had already pulled up and it looked as though the first aiders/paramedics were being kept fairly busy with people who were really struggling in the conditions. I can’t  say just how happy I was to see the finish line. And yes, I did the best I could to run to the end – although it wasn’t a particularly impressive finish.

WM: Nice to have a sit down and rehydrate at the finish though. Was the bag collection good?


OB: Brilliant. Five trucks full of bags and they still had mine in seconds after I got there. Fabulous organisation. It was good to see Lindsay again – she got a better time than me despite her sore shins – as she had the post run drink. A bottle of Bollinger!

WM: SHEWOT! That’s not recommended rehydrating fluid!

OB: Particularly when you try to drink straight from the bottle! I don’t think that went terribly well but at least the bubbles didn’t come down her nose!

WM: *speechless*

OB: My legs didn’t ache half as much after we had shared that between us. It might have been an idea to have had a sandwich or something as well though….

WM: So after that just what did you get up to? Tequila shots perhaps?

OB: Nah. Cup of tea and down to the finish to wait for Jess who was running the marathon. Oh, by the way, I saw the elite marathon runners as I was on my way back towards the finish. The timer said 55 minutes and some – I took over 2 hours to get that far – and they looked as though they were barely breaking sweat. Do you think I could ever do that WordPress Monster?

WM: Not a chance – but keep trying. And how did Jess get on?



OB: Oh, we thought we had missed her after her predicted time had gone by and a load of Vikings ran by with their boat…

WM: Were you hallucinating?

OB: No – there’s a photo! But it turned out that Jess had suffered with the heat too – the marathon started two hours after us so they really copped the heat. Her hip was grumbling too so when she knew she wouldn’t make the time she hoped she just slowed up and enjoyed (?!) the rest of the run. It was really good to see her at the finish for a while. NO booze though.


Flashing the great medals

WM: So whats next Kim? Anything planned?

OB: Yes! I have entered another event – I had to confirm I could swim!

WM: OMG! Please tell me it isn’t a triathlon!

OB: It isn’t a triathlon. But I will be training like a demon to do better next time.


6 thoughts on “Hello, only me – I’ve been running….

  1. Oh Edinburgh, who can predict your weather! It was cold and wet when I did it (2014) till Portobello where it was warm, sunny and windy so that I had scratched-looking cheeks at the end – when it rained again.
    You’re looking so fit Kim and like you’re really enjoying yourself. Shame about not feeling your best but with friends and family it must have seemed like a right adventure. Oh do please tell us what the swim event is? And are you doing Ealing still?


    • Thanks M! I had a good time despite the lack of preparation, and I’m feeling much better than I did before.
      Not a swim event – another half marathon but it’s alongside a canal so I assume the organisers want to know you can stay afloat until rescued if you fall in. I’m hoping to stay on dry land 😂

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