I know. I don’t show up for ages and then when I do it is just for a whinge. It just isn’t cricket.

I enjoyed a week of light activity after my efforts at the Edinburgh Half Marathon but knew I was going to have to pick up pretty quickly as I had entered the Birmingham Black Country Half just in case I didn’t run Edinburgh. I was hedging my bets all the way to the line so a back up plan seemed like a good idea – another half four weeks after Edinburgh. That would give me the extra time I needed to get over the surgery if I didn’t feel ready for Edinburgh – and Lindsay was running this too.

All was going well until last Saturday when I tail ran (walked) at Parkrun. The last couple round the course were taking itΒ very steady. So steady I think I had zoned out a bit. And ended up flat on my nose having stood oddly on a stone. Bugger.

Thankfully I was very close to Bills marshal point and he made sure I could still actually walk (yes) and then took over as tail. I caught them up just before the finish at a hobble.

Going through the finish I was accused of fighting with the Wyre Forest Gruffalo by our delightful timekeeper Lisa. I think he came off best this time! I have got a scabby knee that wouldn’t look out of place on Just William, scrapes on my arm/elbow, and an ankle that is stiff and swollen and is now bruised from about half way up my calf down to just above the sole of my foot (It looks like I have a filthy tide mark on the outside of my foot!). Walking down stairs is a bit tricky, and before today I would have said just walking generally wasn’t going too well. I’m hoping that when the bruising is all out and the swelling gone down it will be ok. But will that be in time?


Prayer mats out for me please – and all advice gratefully accepted. The half is on the 1st July. Will I make it!?!


6 thoughts on “Grumping

  1. Oh no! So sorry to hear that. My only advice is not to run if your body is telling you not to, in case there’s a fracture in there somewhere but most probably you’ll be just fine (let’s hope)!


  2. Sew! πŸ™‚ I took a tumble at pr a few weeks ago… not as bad as yours sounds though and it took over a week for the discomfort to pass. Still have scabs though #urgh


    • I’m getting a bit of shape back to my foot now so i know it’s improving. The scabs would make a small boy envious – but not the sort of thing that looks good on a lady of my vintage. I’m waiting for it to cool down so i stop looking like a freak in long trousers instead of cool shorts πŸ˜‰


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